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Utility Locating Services

To achieve the best results in utility surveying, CCW Locating uses both Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) geotechnical services. This form of geoscience allows us to identify structures under the surface in a non-invasive manner for infrastructure preservation and damage prevention. In turn, we are able to help our clients better identify the location of anything from pipes, cables, to caskets and so much more.

Ask also about our latest GPR Concrete Scanning Capabilities!

Electromagnetic Induction Services

At CCW Locating, Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) is used to locate, trace, and estimate the depth of buried services. This is achieved with the implementation of a transmitter and receiver. Electrical signals are transmitted along a cable, metal pipe, or tracer wire. Transmissions can occur through a direct connection or by inducing a signal in the targeted utility. Once the signal is received services are able to then be identified by our talented team. EMI does have its limitations, but it is a very effective guide when used in combination with GPR services.

Ground Penerating radar underground locating services Electromagnetic induction services Utility locating underground utility locator
Ground Penetrating Radar and Concrete Scanning

Our experienced team at CCW Locating have also been trained and equipped with Ground Penetrating Radars. GPR’s possess geophysical technology that make it possible for us to accurately detect the location and depth of various pipes, cables and structures buried in the subsurface and indoor Concrete walls, ceilings, and floors. Unlike EMI, utility locating is able to be done without induction and uses specialized frequencies of the radio spectrum. These radio waves reflect a signal when a structure is found and the feedback is then immediately processed by our team. This method enables the rapid detection of additional utilities such as plastic pipes or even structures lacking a tracer wire.



Leading edge Technology:

We strive to lead the competition in underground utility locating. That is why at CCW Locating we pair our talented staff with the latest in ground penetrating radar technologies and training tools.



When partnered with our clients, we together are able to deliver a level of quality unparalleled by others. At CCW Locating we go beyond the technology to build a long-lasting relationship and bond of trust with our clients.


Our Promise to You:

We are so committed to our clients and community and it is with great pride that we guarantee your satisfaction with our service. The goal of our talented team is to alleviate the uncertainties beneath you.

Traditional Values:

We are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of combined construction experience. Way back when we first started out it was apparent to us what the industry needed more of. Our shared common core values are reliability, integrity, and that true family feel. You can count on us to do the job and do it right, providing overall excellence. Just like family we will go above and beyond to take care of you and your business, so welcome to the family!




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